Energy candle for peace – Triglav

Our energy candle for peace, called Triglav, is designed in a contemporary fashion from three spheres representing the pride of Slovenia, Mt. Triglav.


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Velikosti Clear

Feel the harmony of body and spirit while enjoying a memorable experience.

100-percent beeswax

Our energy candles are handmade from the purest natural beeswax. The pollen collected by bees of the autochthonous Apis mellifica carnica species, better known by their name Slovenian Carniolan honey bees, in the area from the Alps to the Adriatic Sea is extremely rich in healing essential oils.

Honey perfume

This unique honey perfume that makes our candles so appreciated and recognisable in the world is made according to a secret procedure that is one of the most protected family secrets.

Harmony of body and spirit

Meditate, practise yoga, scent your home to create a pleasant atmosphere or use the candle as decoration, as its unique design and appearance win over everyone’s heart at first sight.

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Carefully considered details that make the difference.


choosing a high-quality wick is very important. We took a step further and designed our own that is woven from the best linen and cotton in Slovenia – especially for us.

Golden seal

Every energy candle has a golden seal where the emblem of the designer Oskar Kogoj is imprinted, proving the product’s authenticity.

100-percent beeswax

We use pure beeswax in our production, made by the world-renowned Slovenian bee (Apis mellifica carnica), that is extremely abundant with healing essential oils.

Honey perfume

A world peculiarity, added to every energy candle in a careful dose. Our honey perfume is a family innovation, made with a natural distillation process from premium-quality Slovenian honey.

Gold lattice

An important part of the decorative elements is the waxed pieces of latticework covered with gold leaf that add a touch of exclusivity to the energy candles.

Family coat of arms

Original coat of arms from 1757, handmade from beeswax and decorated with gold leaf, represents the rich heritage of the family-owned craft passed from one generation to another – currently to the ninth.


… is a world-renowned industrial designer, academic and artist, creating breath-taking works of art with his touch and charisma. Our cooperation started more than a decade ago when Hrabroslav Perger and his wife Leonora visited Kogoj’s gallery. While admiring Kogoj’s artistic creations, Hrabroslav – as an experienced master of honey confectionery, honeybread making and chandlery crafts – light-heartedly suggested he could have more beautiful candles and of higher quality. And so it all began: Oskar Kogoj designed and we handmade our first energy candle, called Infinity.