Degustation package Honey biscuits

5 types of Honey biscuits

Without milk

Without eggs

Without oil

A package of the most popular honey cookies, of the highest quality. All cookies are free of eggs, milk and oil.

You will enjoy a delicious package at a special price, which includes:

  • Cartice Original – honey cookies with honey glaze.
  • Cartice Balance – honey cookies with Spelt flour..
  • Cartice Natur – honey cookies without added sugar.
  • Honey cookies like they used to be – forest and flower honey.



Without any eggs, milk or oil

People with allergies can easily enjoy the taste of our award-winning organic honey-dough biscuits as they come without any eggs, milk or oil.

Selected natural ingredients

Our honey-dough biscuits are made from several types of premium-quality Slovenian flour, honey and a mixture of spices that has been a family secret since 1757.

No additives or preservatives

Our honey-dough biscuits come without any additives or preservatives. The secret lies in resting of the dough as it is placed in over 250-year-old oak barrels for 60 days and only then is it ready to be baked.


Suitable for the whole family

Perfect for children older than 1 year, parents who put a healthy lifestyle on the top of their priorities as well as for grandmothers and grandfathers as a memory of the good old times.

Red ribbon

A packet tied with a red ribbon is a touch added by our ancestors that has been preserved for several generations now.


whole wheat flour, rye flour, rye flour, honey (40%), water, starch syrup, sugar, spices, leavening agent: deer salt (1%).

whole wheat flour *, honey * (37%), water, spices *. * from controlled organic farming. No added sugars. It contains only naturally occurring sugars.

It contains an allergen - gluten.

Nutritional value

Average nutritional value per 100 g of product:

energy value:

1391 kJ/333 kcal


of which saturated fat

1,5 g

0,3 g


of which sugars

76,9 g

33 g


8,1 g


0,002 g

The salt content is due to naturally occurring sodium.