Honeybread heart: In the mirror

Honeybreads are autochthonous Slovenian craft products. The most widespread of them is the honeybread heart, decorated with special ethnological ornaments. Every heart tells its own story, helping you to express your fondness, your gratitude, or simply to celebrate a special occasion.

A boundless selection

Other honeybread products

Honey-dough ornaments for the Christmas tree or as a decoration for other occasions will surely leave everyone in awe.

Honey-dough ornaments are considered one of the oldest Christmas ornaments. The first written records show that as far back as 1597, during the most important holidays the royal palace of the Holy Roman Emperor Ferdinand II was decorated with honeybread figural cakes.

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Truly special honey dough

Our honeybread products are made under the watchful eye of the ‘golden hand’ of the Perger family – master Boštjan Perger himself. His breath-taking creations are made following original, family-owned production procedures, using a special honey dough that allows honeybread products to last over 50 years if kept in a dry place.

Nature is close to us, that’s why we use all-natural dyes made from beetroot, turmeric, chlorophyll and young nettle.

Every heart has its own story

Be someone who tells a story, too! According to your wishes:

  • we adjust the size and shape,
  • we adjust the colouring and decoration, and
  • wrap the gift in packaging.

An excellent business gift

Honeybread products are gifts bestowed on important personalities from all continents in the world so it is no surprise that a honeybread heart has become a highly appreciated business gift showing your respect for Slovenia’s tradition and cultural heritage, as well as acknowledgment of your business partners.

A heart as a symbol for love makes a perfect gift for wedding guests.

Unique gifts for wedding guests

Our honeybread hearts are made by one heart for thousands of hearts, and we are very happy to cater to your desires. Every honeybread heart is unique and carries its own story, just like the love of newlyweds does. A handmade honeybread heart makes an outstanding gift for wedding guests that will surely be remembered long after the magic wedding.

We, Slovenian dancers, travel around the world without interpreters, yet we still think of ourselves as excellent cultural ambassadors.
During our tours abroad and at countless receptions or protocol meetings with presidents of states and governments… we always present as a gift a SLOVEnian honeybread heart designed and created by the masters of the Perger family from Slovenj Gradec. We always give it with joy, pride and respect.
We thereby add an artistic touch to special memories.

Igor Jelen – IGGY

Choreographer and artistic director

The Perger’s impressive honeybread hearts, energy candles and honey-dough biscuits remind us of the old Central European masterly tradition of which we have been part for centuries.
We love to decorate our Mini teater theatre with their ornaments for every occasion, from our Medieval Day and Merry December to all the fairy-tales that we turn into theatrical shows for our youngest audience members.
Every time we go on tour abroad, Perger’s honeybread hearts are highly appreciated gifts, bringing the spirit and the essence of our homeland Slovenia to our foreign friends. It is for this reason that we have taken them all around the world, from the North and South Americas, through to Asia and Africa, all the way to Australia.

Robert Waltl

actor and director, Director of Mini teater and Director of the Jewish Cultural Centre in Ljubljana

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