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Did you know?

In December 1996, over 10,000 Perger honeybread figural cakes were used to decorate Pope John Paul II’s residence in the Vatican. Installing the decoration took 1 month, under the watchful eyes of the Swiss Guards.

Did you know?

Today, our honeybread products feature on postage stamps of Slovenia, in many Slovenian and foreign TV shows, documentaries and Slovenian full-length feature films, such as Cvetje v jeseni, Tantadruj and Maškarada.

Items of Honey Heaven across the world

A chess set made from honeybread, originally made in memory of Rudi Perger, was presented as a gift to the world chess grand master Gari Kasparov.

Gari Kasparov

World Chess Grandmaster

We are proud that our unique honeybread hearts added a touch of refinement to the wedding of one Slovenia’s top basketball players of all times: Jaka Lakovič and his Helena.

Jaka Lakovič

Slovenian basketball player