You deserve nature’s best!

Our handmade energy candles are made from 100% natural beeswax and contain a honey perfume that is a family innovation and unique in the whole world. The candles’ specially designed shape allow them to constantly vibrate and emanate essential oils with healing properties, cleanse the living environment, and fill the space with positive energy. Their vibration emits pure love and peace and has beneficial effects for the body and soul.

For a comfortable stay, scent the living spaces with the unique honey scent of energy candles.

When you are in touch with yourself, you’re invincible.

Meditate. Practise yoga. Our energy candles can become vital companions for your meditation practice, whereas the fragrance of the honey perfume and energy pulsation will help you calm your breathing, heartbeat and thoughts. No wonder many people use them during their yoga and meditation practice.

An exclusive gift with a story and tradition

When you are in touch with yourself, you’re invincible. It is thus important to take time out for yourself. Even when we consider giving a gift to someone who already ‘has it all’, the energy candle is an excellent choice for a special gift. Its practical value, timeless design and top quality make it a perfect wedding gift, birthday gift or business gift.

The fragrance of harmony in your home

To create a nice atmosphere, scent your home with the enticing honey fragrance of energy candles called Infinity, and let it fill you with contentment time and again. You can also use them as decorative candles since their one-off design and attractive appearance will win over anyone at first sight.

Your energy candle has become an indispensible companion to my meditation practice. For me, its fragrance is like a starting mantra before I start practising asanas. When I sit in my yoga nook and I begin to smell the ‘fragrant infinity’, I know I can have all the time all myself and for my journey. The fragrance of the honey perfume and candle’s pulsating energy help me calm my breathing, heart beat and thus pacify my flow of thoughts.

Eva Gradišnik

yoga teacher

For many years now, the Perger energy candle called Infinity has been decorating our home and inspiring our family. My wife and I presented an energy candle with a special personal inscription to the Dembitz couple, 2 real-estate experts from Geneve, on the occasion of their family celebration with 350 guests high up in the Swiss Alps, at an altitude of 3,300 metres. Even with so many prestigious gifts from all around, every single guest enjoyed the mesmerising fragrance of the Perger candle.

Janez Lotrič

the world-famous opera singer

I have become enthusiastic about the energy candle because it helped my children deal with chronic insomnia. From my own experience, I advise anyone with any sleeping problems to try this.

Gabrijela Kogelnik

proud mother and entrepreneur

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Items of Honey Heaven across the world

The Perger family’s masterpieces have touched many people’s hearts all over the world, including famous people from cultural, sports, spiritual and political spheres.


An energy candle names Infinity with 24-carat gold addition was a highly appreciated gift at the wedding of Donald and Melania Trump.


Pope John Paul II received as a gift the largest energy candle, named Infinity


A visit by Luciano Pavarotti and purchase of a 40-kg candle named Triglav.


A chess set made from honeybread, originally made in memory of Rudi Perger, was presented as a gift to the world chess grand master Gari Kasparov.


The Energy Heart was a much appreciated gift for the Dalai Lamawho, as an expression of gratitude, wrote a special note in our memorial book.


His Holiness Sai Baba received the Energy Heart as a gift and was so enthusiastic about it that he had his ashram decorated based on the heart design.


The energy candle for peace, named Triglav, was presented as a gift to the German President Joachim Gauck.

Nelson Mandela

From the moment he received the Perger protocol gift Nelson Mandela became a great admirer of our products. The visit by Queen Elizabeth could not pass without a gift from Slovenia.


Pope Benedict XVI placed the energy candle for peace, named Triglav, in his official residence, the Papal Palace in Vatican.


Dr. Janez Drnovšek adored Perger’s honey-dough biscuits. The well-considered mix of spices and Slovenian herbs picked especially for him remain a top secret today.