Pamper yourself with delicious honey treats

Using carefully selected natural ingredients, we have created top-quality honey products for you, made with love and passion. Enjoy the selected flavours of organic honey candies, delectable honey-dough biscuits, and other honey delicacies.

Did you know?

The quality of the honey-dough mixture is verified using a method of our ancestors that dates back to 1757. Namely, we place a freshly laid egg on top of the mixture. If the egg stays on the surface of the mixture and does not sink in, this is the perfect sign that the Perger honeybread mixture is of top quality.

Did you know?

Perger honey-dough biscuits are made from a special dough that rests in over 250-year-old oak barrels for 60 days and only then is it ready to be baked.

Items of Honey Heaven across the world

Tomaž Humar, the world-class Slovenian alpinist, used to take our energy-filled honey-dough biscuits on his expeditions, attracting much discussion all over the world. These special biscuits were made exclusively for him and contained 10 times more honey than other biscuits in our regular offer.

Tomaž Humar


Dr Janez Drnovšek, the former Slovenian president of Slovenia, adored Perger’s honey-dough biscuits. The well-considered mix of spices and Slovenian herbs picked especially for him remain a top secret today.

Dr Janez Drnovšek