Welcome to Honey Heaven!

Honey Heaven, located in the centre of the idyllic medieval town of Slovenj Gradec, even today symbolises the dreams held by our ancestors that have continued to be realised over the centuries. The deepest family secrets remain under lock and key these days, with the rich heritage of honey confectionery, honeybread-making and chandlery crafts of the Perger family being successfully passed down, now to the ninth generation.

With love and passion we’ve been creating the best honey and honeycomb products since 1757.

The carefully selected natural ingredients and family innovations have taken our story to all world continents.

Today, our products feature on postage stamps of Slovenia, in many Slovenian and foreign TV shows, documentaries and Slovenian full-length feature films, such as Cvetje v jeseni, Tantadruj and Maškarada.

A taste of nature, a touch of love and the aroma of harmony are all here for you to enjoy in every single bite, to let you live in harmony while leaving you craving for more.


With some pride, we note the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia chose us as a bearer of the intangible cultural heritage in the honeybread industry and that we were given the highest Slovenian handicraft and art ‘Golden Tendril’ award (‘Zlata vitica’).

Did you know?

In past times, the locals from Hoče near Maribor called honey-dough biscuits ‘pergers’. When Dr Karol Glaser (1845–1913), who inter alia wrote the first history of Slovenian literature, wished for some honey-dough biscuits, people from his village almost competed to be the first to bring him a few packages of 'pergers' since, in those days, those biscuits were the no. 1 honey treat available.

Did you know?

In 1978, Perger’s honeybread figural cakes were used to decorate the scenery in all television houses in Yugoslavia around Christmas and New Year.

Did you know?

In December 1996, over 10,000 Perger honeybread figural cakes were used to decorate Pope John Paul II’s residence in the Vatican. Installing the decoration took 1 month, under the watchful eyes of the Swiss Guards.

Did you know?

Our products feature in 142 galleries, museums and points of sale around the world.


We are visionaries by soul, we love to dream and live our dreams. We intertwine our dreams with continuous training, innovative thinking and dedication to top quality. Our dream is to become one of the world leaders in our industry.


To develop the highest quality products with high value added, constantly adjust to new market needs, and be the best in terms of products, services and relationships with family members, employees and all business partners.

Our values also set us apart

Family values lie at the heart of everything we do. They have become integral parts of our day-to-day life and guide our work and lifestyle.

  • Family is our sphere of power.
  • We respect tradition and keep the family recipes and production procedures secret.
  • We do our work with joy.
  • We respect nature and the gifts it provides.
  • We use only the best, 100-percent natural ingredients.
  • We keep our promises.
  • We create unforgettable memories.

The secrets of our production

  • The quality of the honey dough mixture is verified using a method of our ancestors dating back to 1757. Namely, we place a fresh egg laid on the same day on top of the mixture. If the egg stays on the surface of the mixture and does not sink in, this is the perfect sign the mixture for Perger honeybread is of top quality.
  • We are the only ones in the world to naturally bleach beeswax in the sun. Special ‘drawers’ that contain beeswax are placed on the roof of our family house and covered by linen cloth – the beeswax is then left in the sun for about 2 months to bleach. After this period, we get naturally bleached beeswax, which has healing properties.
  • We produce purple and pink dyes from young nettle that is picked by hand in spring and also in autumn, after the rain.

Meet the family


The driving force, a visionary and a perfectionist with extraordinary energy that emanates from his passion for work. He is always one step ahead of others in thinking and his mind is constantly bursting with new ideas – so unique they typically become top sellers.


The heart and soul of the family, who selflessly imparts her vast knowledge with the younger generation. With an amazing aesthetic sense and human warmth that she exudes abundantly with her staff and work, she adds a unique mark to our products. Her work and innovative ideas speak for themselves.


The ‘golden hand’ of the Perger family and the brains behind our beautiful and breath-taking creations. Being our work process manager and a born perfectionist, he is very exacting when it comes to himself and to others, so it is little surprise he is at the world’s pinnacle of the honey confectionery and honeybread making crafts, and a chandlery master.


The youngest representative of the 9th generation of Pergers is a natural-born leader. He is intrepid in setting ambitious goals, and relentless in pursuing them. At the same time, he is high-spirited and shows great love for his work, thus acting as a reminder for the entire team that when they act together, the sky is the limit.


She displays no trace of modesty while creating the natural yet extremely tasteful Perger masterpieces that keep surprising and enchanting even the most discerning of customers. Her diligence and dedication make her an important link in the Perger chain.


An eternal optimist who brings human values and special stories to the forefront. With her incredible listening skills and creative streak, she ensures your unique story is presented in the best possible way and shared with the world.

We respect tradition and have been keeping our family recipes secret since 1757.