Instructions for use

Our energy candle is unique in the world also because you do not need to light it to make it work. Its unique shape and natural honey essential oil, the latter being a global innovation of the Perger family, vibrates in the surrounding space and emanates essential oils contained in natural beeswax. It cleanses your living environment and fills it with positive energy.

If you wish to restore energy in your energy candle, place it back in its packaging for a while. When you remove it, it will again start imparting its unique natural scent and positive energy. If you wish to curb the power of your energy candle, it is recommended you keep it in its packaging for a while. If you want, you can light it as well. If you light it, you are recommended to soon extinguish it because this is no ordinary candle and it does not have to burn all the time. If used appropriately, the life of an unlit candle ranges from 3 to 10 years (depending on its size).

Do not keep your energy candle near an open flame, working radiator or any other heating device, and do not place it in direct