The deepest family secrets from 1757 until today.

Honey Heaven, located in the centre of the idyllic medieval town of Slovenj Gradec, even today symbolises the dreams held by our ancestors that have continued to be realised over the centuries. The deepest family secrets remain under lock and key these days, with the rich heritage of honey confectionery, honeybread-making and chandlery crafts of the Perger family being successfully passed down, now to the ninth generation.

Premium quality

9 generations

Handmade with love

100% natural ingredients

Unique production processes

Cultural heritage

Made in Slovenia

Items of Honey Heaven across the world

The Perger family’s masterpieces have touched many people’s hearts all over the world, including famous people from cultural, sports, spiritual and political spheres.


An energy candle names Infinity with 24-carat gold addition was a highly appreciated gift at the wedding of Donald and Melania Trump.


Pope John Paul II received as a gift the largest energy candle, named Infinity


A visit by Luciano Pavarotti and purchase of a 40-kg candle named Triglav.


A chess set made from honeybread, originally made in memory of Rudi Perger, was presented as a gift to the world chess grand master Gari Kasparov.


The Energy Heart was a much appreciated gift for the Dalai Lamawho, as an expression of gratitude, wrote a special note in our memorial book.


His Holiness Sai Baba received the Energy Heart as a gift and was so enthusiastic about it that he had his ashram decorated based on the heart design.


The energy candle for peace, named Triglav, was presented as a gift to the German President Joachim Gauck.

Nelson Mandela

From the moment he received the Perger protocol gift Nelson Mandela became a great admirer of our products. The visit by Queen Elizabeth could not pass without a gift from Slovenia.


Pope Benedict XVI placed the energy candle for peace, named Triglav, in his official residence, the Papal Palace in Vatican.


Dr. Janez Drnovšek adored Perger’s honey-dough biscuits. The well-considered mix of spices and Slovenian herbs picked especially for him remain a top secret today.

Visit our museum

Experience Honey Heaven

Visit us. Marvel at the 250-year heritage of the crafts of honey confectionery, honeybread making and chandlery and, for a moment, join in the unique family story not simply about honeybread hearts but the lives of all of our grandmothers and grandfathers.
During this guided tour, you will discover the rich history of the Perger family, learn about how organic honey candies are made, the delicious honey-dough biscuits, the...
famous honeybread hearts, and the energy candles that are unique in the world by following the original, family-owned procedures dating back to 1757.

The Perger honey-dough biscuits are a culinary, cultural and ethnological highlight and it is impossible to compare them with any other honey-dough biscuits, even if their appearance resembles the Nüremberg gingerbreads. Ours are the type that must simply be put into the mouth and enjoyed immensely. Actually, I am unsure now whether our customers visit our office because of us or if they come for the delicious Perger honey-dough biscuits.

Bojan Grubar

Law firm Grubar

For many years now, the Perger energy candle called Infinity has been decorating our home and inspiring our family. My wife and I presented an energy candle with a special personal inscription to the Dembitz couple, 2 real-estate experts from Geneve, on the occasion of their family celebration with 350 guests high up in the Swiss Alps, at an altitude of 3,300 metres. Even with so many prestigious gifts from all around, every single guest enjoyed the mesmerising fragrance of the Perger candle.

Janez Lotrič

the world-famous opera singer

These gifts were presented as protocol gifts of the Republic of Slovenia and were extremely well accepted everywhere, in Slovenia and abroad. We are pleased to note that our cooperation is successful and correct, given that the company always gives its best and strives to cater to our wishes.

Ksenija Benedetti

Former Chief of Protocol of the Republic of Slovenia

Your energy candle has become an indispensible companion to my meditation practice. For me, its fragrance is like a starting mantra before I start practising asanas. When I sit in my yoga nook and I begin to smell the ‘fragrant infinity’, I know I can have all the time all myself and for my journey. The fragrance of the honey perfume and candle’s pulsating energy help me calm my breathing, heart beat and thus pacify my flow of thoughts.

Eva Gradišnik

yoga teacher

The Perger’s impressive honeybread hearts, energy candles and honey-dough biscuits remind us of the old Central European masterly tradition of which we have been part for centuries.
We love to decorate our Mini teater theatre with their ornaments for every occasion, from our Medieval Day and Merry December to all the fairy-tales that we turn into theatrical shows for our youngest audience members.
Every time we go on tour abroad, Perger’s honeybread hearts are highly appreciated gifts, bringing the spirit and the essence of our homeland Slovenia to our foreign friends. It is for this reason that we have taken them all around the world, from the North and South Americas, through to Asia and Africa, all the way to Australia.

Robert Waltl

actor and director, Director of Mini teater and Director of the Jewish Cultural Centre in Ljubljana

We cooperated with Perger 1757 on various occasions when we needed business or more personal gifts, completed with an original story and impeccable execution.
They always responded quickly, catered to our needs and fitted their products with a special, local note that persuades both the gift giver and recipient.
High responsiveness, high-quality work and a friendly attitude are points of excellence we seek in our suppliers, which is why we will also be happy to cooperate with Perger 1757 in the future.

Darjan Pušnik

Director of Grammer Automotive Slovenija

I have become enthusiastic about the energy candle because it helped my children deal with chronic insomnia. From my own experience, I advise anyone with any sleeping problems to try this.

Gabrijela Kogelnik

proud mother and entrepreneur

We, Slovenian dancers, travel around the world without interpreters, yet we still think of ourselves as excellent cultural ambassadors.
During our tours abroad and at countless receptions or protocol meetings with presidents of states and governments… we always present as a gift a SLOVEnian honeybread heart designed and created by the masters of the Perger family from Slovenj Gradec. We always give it with joy, pride and respect.
We thereby add an artistic touch to special memories.

Igor Jelen – IGGY

Choreographer and artistic director

Every year, the International School for Social and Business Studies, Slovenia, in cooperation with foreign partner universities, organises an international scientific conference on knowledge and learning management – MakeLearn. We host top experts from different academic spheres.

Aware of the importance of unique gifts, we cooperate with the family-owned company Perger 1757 which, with its special products and stories, continues to amaze us and the gift recipients as well. We are pleased to be able to state that our cooperation is excellent and we are proud of it.

Mag. Anja Lesjak, BScEcon

Director of the International School for Social and Business Studies

We wanted our wedding to be a combination of modern with traditional. When we were exploring traditional wedding favours for guests, the first idea that crossed our minds was Perger’s honey-dough biscuits. Tradition that never disappoints. The Pergers listened to all our wishes and made exactly what we wanted. The smiling faces of our wedding guests when receiving the gifts confirmed that we had made the right decision.

Marina and Aleš F.

Slovenj Gradec

I am very pleased to have a new story now that I can tell when travelling around the world, because people are always interested in what is special in Slovenia. And the story of the Perger family is really one of a kind, one of the most beautiful, among the best in Slovenia, as there are not many such traditions. Besides that, I am strongly inspired by their originality, dedication and ideas, and the way they make themselves known to the rest of the world.

Sandi Češko 


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